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    Adult Conditions

    In the management of cerebral tumours, Mr Xenos utilizes the latest technologies such as the Stealth Image Guided Surgery system. He is involved in regular MDT case conferences to best decide the most appropriate Adjuvant tumour therapy available for his patients. At Monash Health he is a key member providing support for the Brain Tumour Clinic, as well as establishing a close working relationship with the William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre at the Alfred Hospital.

    Vascular pathologies including cerebral aneurysms, avm’s and DAVF’s are preferentially treated by Mr Xenos at Jessie McPherson Private hospital and Monash Health Clayton where he utilizes the state of the art diagnostic angiographic equipment installed in the Interventional Neuroradiology Imaging department. Case selection and treatment planning involves a multidisciplinary approach with discussions with fellow vascular neurosurgeons and a team of neuroradiologists as part of the established Monash Neurovascular Service. Treatments offered include craniotomy and clipping, avm excision, preoperative embolization and endovascular coiling.

    Mr Xenos also has extensive experience with surgery for degenerative spine. This includes lumbar discectomy and laminectomy surgery as well as cervical discectomy and fusion. Please note Mr Xenos does not perform instrumented lumbar or thoracic fusion surgery. However in this era of surgical complexity, overuse of prostheses and chronic spine pain, Mr Xenos does offer a consultative second opinion service, focussing on evidence based medicine in his carefully considered opinions.

    Conditions Treated

    Cerebral tumours
    Cerebral Glioma
    Cerebral Metastases
    Intraventricular tumours
    Colloid Cyst

    Cerebral Vascular
    Cerebral Aneurysm
    Cerebral AVM
    Dural AV Fistula

    Spine disease
    Cervical & Lumbar Disc disease
    Spinal Stenosis
    Spinal Cord tumours

    Congenital anomalies
    Chiari Malformation
    Spinal Cord Syringomyelia

    Peripheral Nerve Syndromes
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Ulnar Neuropathy
    Peripheral Nerve Schwannomas

    CSF Disorders
    Cerebral VP Shunt Dysfunction
    Aqueduct Stenosis

    The management of neurosurgical pathologies can be challenging, complex and often daunting for our patients. As we start the journey together, we explain the nature of the problem, sift through the multitudes of investigations and propose a treatment plan best suited to each person. The aim of any neurosurgery is to provide answers, achieve goals and fundamentally improve the person’s quality of life, in a safe and caring manner.